Ultimate Guide To Renting A Serviced Office Space In Noida

Amongst many other names of a coworking space, one is serviced office but why are they called so? A serviced office is a space offered by the provider on rent with every facility provided to the client that would let them focus on their real work without stressing over petty things.

A serviced office has beautiful interiors, modern & ergonomic furniture, fully loaded cafeteria, housekeeping staff, high speed internet connection, CCTV cameras, latest technology/equipment and basically everything in place so that a member can com, join and get started even in a short notice. In other words, a serviced office is a fully-furnished and equipped space that can be leased to the members to carry on their operations in exchange for a membership fee.

These ready to move-in workspaces have been a live saver for a large number of businesses through the years. They give a professional look and feel to all the businesses big or small and give them a decent work environment without hassle. With this, you don’t have to block your funds that you otherwise would do in case of a regular traditional space.

Choose a plan as per the requirement, submit the documents and the membership charges and get started the same day! It’s that simple. Not just in metro cities like Delhi and Bangalore but a business can take benefits of a serviced office space in Noida, Kochi, Pune and other cities as well.

Now, every serviced office is more or less the same with their services; just the interiors are different. Since all the service providers try to offer you the best of the services. Picking the right one can be a task. How do you choose the best one for yourself can depend on certain criteria. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Things To Consider Before Renting Serviced Office Spaces In Noida

The location

First up on the list is the location of the office because obviously, you can’t work just anywhere. Travel consumes a large part of our day and working from somewhere that’s too far or inconvenient to reach can’t be the right choice. Also, from the team’s point of view, the location should be well connected to the reads and metro because how else would they show up? A coworking office space in Noida, for instance, can only be a good option if the members can reach the premises without any travel complications.

Flexible terms

The terms & conditions and the signing agreement should mention that you will be getting all the facilities that you expect in your membership and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. Business support, help desk, housekeeping and other necessary things are provided, the tenure time is mentioned, the charges are clear and complete transparency in the document without twisting any word are other things to look for. If everything is good to go, the workspace is for you!

Lock-in period

Lock-in period is the time for which you have to stay with the service provider or else give the entire amount of that period in case you wish to leave early. The conventional offices have a fairly long period you are bound to stay in for but with serviced offices, this can be for as little as a month. If the shared space provider is meeting your minimum lock-in request then just go for it because funds are better used than blocked.

The best deal

The coworking spaces have common services to offer where the only difference is the type of curated plans and the option to customize membership. If there is a shared office space for rent in Noida that has just the right kind of plan for you then there’s nothing to give a second thought about. A service provider might have even an hourly pass and the other might start from monthly. You must always go with the one that can offer you exactly what you’re looking for.


The coworking industry is known for its flexibility in service. When you have flexibility in choosing the right plan, the right service (open desk, cabin, meeting room, event space & virtual office) and the time of your choice to work at, you are well relieved from the stress of being under pressure of making a choice that might not satisfy you completely. If a coworking office space in Noida or anywhere else can provide you with this much flexibility, you can totally try it.

Can Let’s Connect Coworking Space Help You

Known as one of the most reliable and client-friendly shared office spaces in Noida, Let’s Connect Coworking leaves no stone unturned to offer you what might help your business thrive. With a successful record of serving a list of clients from various industries and business scales, this office space brings to you all the services a business could need under the same roof.

Open desk

Hot and dedicated desks for those who are fine with working beside others even if the seat is not the same every day. This one is the immediate seat you’ll get in a coworking.

Private cabin

For those who don’t want any information to go out or noise to come in, private cabin is the best. It’s like a personal office in a shared office.

Meeting room

Have meetings often? Don’t take your clients to those boring and expensive coffee shops. A meeting room in a serviced office will do wonders to your first impression with the very comfort of a professional space.

Event space

It’s the best for hosting a seminar, conference, class/lecture, product launch or any such public gathering where your guests will be attended to by the trained staff and you’ll get all the required assistance.

Virtual office

Work from anywhere you want. Get the liberty to manage your business from any part of the work by hiring a professional and impressive business address that you can use on business documents, for registration and mail companies.

Apart from the major facilities, you get a parking spot, 24×7 availability, hygiene & safety, medical & stationery supply, housekeeping staff, manager assistance and technical support. Clearly, it is one of the best office spaces for rent in Noida! Check out the website for more details.