Why is Noida Riding the Coworking Space Wave?

Before we discuss why there is a popping of new and better coworking spaces in Noida in the last couple of years, let’s understand what a coworking space is. ‘ A workspace that has people coming to work together yet on their independent projects is a coworking space. It’s not an office where the staff of just one company is seen on the floor but a mix of startups, freelancers, MNCs and other small & medium enterprises.  Such spaces are also called plug & play offices, shared spaces and flexible workspaces. Around the globe there are innumerable offices that allow diverse groups of people to share the workspace.  This concept might be new to India but has shown a fast acceleration. The sharing workspace culture is a highly adopted change as the demand of remote working is increasing with increase in entrepreneurship and startups. Gone are the days when people would just work out of a regular office with desktops and colleagues around. People today work from homes, coffee houses and even while traveling. This is why their flexible offices are the need of the hour.  

The interesting part is that these offices are not just another workspace with cubicles but modern offices with state of the art infrastructure. Every coworking space looks better and more beautiful than the other. Rather than leasing or constructing expensive spaces, one can simply take membership of an awe-spiring workspace and get started. What are the reasons that these spaces are becoming increasingly popular? Here are a few:

Easy to get started- When you have a place to work that is ready with all the required connections, amenities and support and that too on a very reasonable amount, you can start with your dream startup in no time. Bring your laptop and get started hassle-free! Your location, your choice- Unlike regular offices where you have to commute every day to a location that may be far enough to take hours of your day, you can choose your work location nearest to where you put up so there is less time wastage in traveling.

Work culture– Coworking spaces are not defined by the brands but the people in there. When the community is made of diverse people, it only gets vibrant and rich in culture. The cooperation takes over competition and everyone adds their personal element to the place. Customization and personalization- Talking of personalization, you have your own office that you can mention in registration, documents, visiting cards and websites. Put your company merchandise and feel like owning the space. Also, you can always customize the membership as per your requirement. Attracts and retains talent- With time flexibility, beautiful & fancy interiors, strong infrastructure, locational advantage, right facilities, inspiring coworking and positive environment, new talent wishes to join the space and the existing ones wish to stay for long.

The shared spaces were common in big cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai but with the rise in demand and need of the better places to work, there are now coworking spaces in Noida, Pune, Rajkot, Udaipur, Kota, Surat etc. Do you know what all services can you get under one coworking roof?

Flexible/Dedicated desk: A flexible desk implies that a seat will be reserved for you to work till your membership. A dedicated desk is one ‘fixed’ desk that nobody else would use till your membership.

Meeting/Conference room: Just so you don’t bother or get bothered by other coworkers, you get a disturbance free meeting room for discussions, planning, interviews and calls. Not just tables and chairs, get white-board, markets, water, projector and other fitting at place.

Private cabins: A cabin totally dedicated to you and your team with necessary furniture and seats. It’s like your office in a shared office where the members can concentrate without any disturbance from the other coworkers and any risk of data theft.

Event space: Take training sessions, do new product launches, hold events or anything that requires an outside audience in the event space perfectly designed for such purposes. You can count on the space provider for the right arrangements. Cafeteria: A café with table, chairs, staff, air conditioner and an unlimited supply of beverages that could charge you a fortune outside the office is always there for you. Have lunch there or just a calming break amidst the coffee aroma.

Full-time support staff: A front-desk executive, IT assistance and housekeeping people for you the entire time so your work doesn’t suffer any hiccups get coworking spaces the brownie points! Now, if you wonder why the ‘cafeteria’ is highlighted amongst the most important services above, we have an answer. All work-meetings can’t happen at coffee shops but every meeting gets better with coffee. And not just coffee, it could be tea, iced beverage or even water. We talk about coffee because it sounds as interesting as startups 🙂

While we’re on this topic, Is there any good cafe or coworking space in Noida?

We’ll all agree that there is no dearth of cafes or tea houses around us. We step out to find one and find a new one opened next to it. So, the question remains of good coworking spaces in Noida. Good news is there are some amazing spaces you must know about. 91Springboard: One of the oldest and relied upon coworking space by hundreds of businesses, this workspace would have everything that the entrepreneur in you might need. You get all the office solutions that can help you boost your business. 

Let’s Connect: Book you membership with a modern, well-furnished and fully-equipped shared office space that has got subscription plans to suit your needs and budget. Choose amongst the open desk, meeting room, cabins, event space and virtual office without any hassle.

Unboxed coworking: With all the amenities required by the coworkers, this shared space in Noida has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Get all the facilities in a flexible and affordable alternative that your business would need to thrive. InstaOffice: A well-equipped office with all the plug & play facilities for their clients, this one can also be a great choice if you’re planning to go for a coworking. Freelancers, startups or SMEs, here’s something for everyone.

Workshala Spaces: Catering to their clients with best in class services and the correct infrastructure, the space provider has been making coworkers happy. Their pleasing managed office space would be a sight at work.  Amigo Coworking: A place where early-stage freelancers, self-employed, designers, artists and even students can be a part of and form a community that can benefit each one of them in their respective areas by working with, for and long each other. 

However, the list doesn’t end here. There are many other office space providers that have amazing membership plans, perfect services, round-the-clock support and fit in your budget once you know you don’t want to work from a cafe. This brings us to the question- Will you prefer a coworking space in Noida or a coffee shop in Noida for work?

As much as the idea of a coffee shop seems interesting and filmy, it’s the total opposite of what it is in your mind. Maybe in your thoughts you see working in a cafe like sitting alone on a table with a few people on the other chairs, a single cup of coffee on your side and a light music playing, nobody disturbs you and you are done with the day’s work. Stop there and let us take you to the reality of working from a cafe.

You don’t get to occupy that seat at a coffee shop for longer hours at the cost of just a hot cup. As more people keep coming, the waiters will look at you with a pressure to either place your next order or vacant the chair for somebody willing to pay. Believe it or not, most coworking spaces cost less for a day than a one-time bill at a high-end cafe.

Of course some music while working doesn’t hurt but don’t you forget about the speakers and the sound systems the coffee shops have installed to make their place peppy, fancy and uber-cool so as to attract the vibrant crowd and not somebody who doesn’t know where to work and where to chill.

In case you’re forgetting that you can’t control the number of people and the type of people that are visiting the same cafe as you, here’s a gentle reminder that there are all kinds of chatty and noisy people who couldn’t help but talk on the top of their lungs because of the previous point (loud music). Who works in such noise?

Considering the above three points, do you even think of setting up a client meeting in such a mess? You can’t talk properly, you have to keep ordering, you’d be disturbed by the music and chatter and above all, there would be no privacy. And if that’s an investor, you don’t want to risk your first impression.  

While the coffee shops will serve you with the constant roar of espresso machines and deafening chats, a coworking space in Noida and basically everywhere else is a great place to start and thrive professionally by supporting you with full-time housekeeping staff, IT and front-desk assistance, meeting rooms, event space and of course, cafeteria with no additional expense.

Opting for a managed office is always a good idea. You get to work alongside so many talented people. This creates an inspiring atmosphere because even unknowingly, you are inspiring your coworkers to push their limits and get better. You have an in-house and immediate market to test your product and get the feedback, you can help each other in various projects and might even exchange work opportunities and not to forget, the chances of networking and making professional connections can neither be there at home nor in any coffee shop.

The next time you’re looking for a great place to work from, don’t search the internet for “great cafes around me” but rather “coworking around me” and you might have some options having better ratings than most of the tea/coffee houses.

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