Will Coworking Space in Noida be the same post COVID 19 Lockdown?

Thinking about how will coworking space in Noida after COVID 19 unlock? Read this post about how will Coworking Space in Noida be post COVID 19 lockdown.

After weeks of staying inside and protecting ourselves from anything and anyone outside and avoiding social life; meeting people, touching things, shaking hands and even a small hiccup is going to scare us. Looking at the blue & clear sky after ages, learning about the improvement in the air quality and how the birds are on the top of their lungs, we can think how some things are not going to be the same after the quarantine is over. One such thing would be the coworking spaces in Noida.

Businesses across the globe are soon going to suffer from operational paralysis because all their employees would be working from home for weeks now and in fact would have gotten used to it. Some companies have actually calculated their benefits in keeping staff at their homes and getting work done. Can you imagine what all could happen if this continues to happen?

Present-ism is going to die a painful death: Now when we all know that irrespective of any work profile, anything can be done from home and video calls can connect us from anywhere, it would be difficult for the managers to equate productivity basis the presence of their team.

Meetings outside the office would see a fall: When everyone is managing with phone calls and video calls, how many are really going to bother themselves to go out and meet someone they can handle just by dialing a number? This would make it hard to crack the clients who don’t give attention to calls or emails to fix us deals involving huge amounts and thoughtful decision making.

Lesser group chats: The effect of corona fear won’t fade away soon. Everyone is going to avoid forming groups, being standing closer or even giving a hi5. Merit? More focus on work! But the biggest disadvantage is lack of effective brainstorming sessions and amazing ideas.

Hygiene will be all around: Since everyone would be so much in a habit of cleaning their hands and everything around, there would be hardly anyone who would be unhygienic or casual with sanitation. This is indeed a positive side of the coronavirus that has made living difficult yet clean.

While many people are excited to go back to the normal days and office lives, some are worried if they’d still have a job after the dust settles. This pandemic brought with it so much unwanted and would take with it so much needed. The shared office spaces who rely on freelancers, SMEs, MNC units, startups and even one-day clients from various industries and walks of businesses are now struggling to know the future occupancy of the centres. The coworking spaces in Noida and Gurugram are mostly hurt because people are not allowed to commute outside their regional boundaries and Delhi NCR has always seen a fast and constant travel of population for work and personal purposes. With an impose of strict guidelines on roads and shutting down of Delhi metro, a huge part of the working class is suffering for they have no other means to commute.

To understand what is going to be the scenario with furnished office spaces in Noida once the lockdown ends, let’s once recall how it was before Covid19 happened.

More demand- It was just a couple of months back when the rise in demand of the shared office spaces was witnessed by all. Almost every day a new prospect was looking out for an office that could meet their budget and requirements. New coworkers were enrolling in the furnished spaces and many more were on their way to their dream workspace.

New entrepreneur-ships- The shared workspaces were letting people with dreams have a place to execute their business plans and be their own bosses. Freelancers and startups didn’t have to work at home but rather in a professional environment where they could enjoy all the benefits that a venture could need.

Events and Engagement- Events and sessions are a part of coworking spaces arranged by the staff for the interest of the coworkers. Generally, the community managers make sure the common likes of the clients and set up events that could be enjoyed and advantaged by all.

Community and connections- The members collectively make a community and it’s only the community that differentiates a plug & play office from the other. All the coworking spaces in Noida have like-minded people that are interested in the same subjects and topics. When such people share space and talk, they tend to form better connections and professional relations and stay in touch even after leaving the place.

More jobs With an increase in startups and entrepreneurship, there are more job opportunities. With more ventures, more people would have employment opportunities and a chance to start or improve their career. A lot of professionals have been thankful to the coworking spaces.

Furnished office spaces in Noida, Gurguram, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and other places have been celebrated because they’ve been supporting business and business owners for years now. The traditional offices are known to extract a lot of money from your pocket without giving you anything other than the “space”. All the fittings, utility bills, pantry, office staff, internet and other expenses are borne by you. The real estate charges are already shooting towards the sky and when the expenses add to it, you’re not productive but just burdened.

Speaking of productivity, you can only be more efficient and focused when you know that you’d be just working and not be concerned over the non-performing internet, wire breakdown, coffee machine problem, fused bulb or other petty arrangements. To achieve results and do major problem solving, you need to give the little troubles to somebody who could manage your office and what better than a managed office space that gives you all the amenities and hospitality at a way lesser price you would pay for renting a conventional space. In addition, you get modern interiors, state of the art infrastructure, high speed internet, loaded cafeteria, all-time electricity, great air-conditioning, meeting rooms, inspiring walls and collaborating opportunities.

Now, after almost three months of lockdown, would the coworking space in Noida and at other places and the situations for these spaces be the same post Covid19? We say “Maybe BETTER” for we have got quite a few reasons to stay optimistic!

The budget and the expenses: what has always made people opt for shared office spaces would still make them go for it and this time, more. Nobody is making the same money (at least most of the industries and businesses). Everyone everywhere is talking about lack of funds and cash flows and all the companies know that they can\’t keep working from home for long. The real estate rates have no scope to come down anytime soon and hence renting a traditional space would not be feasible for the majority ventures. What are they left with? Flexible offices that only ask for a membership fee to get started!

Man is a social animal: no matter how hard you try, you can’t just stay inside the same walls for long. One day there would be an urge to step outside, go in the real world, meet people, see new things, attend events, invite clients, have real-time discussions and work like you always have. Freelancers too go out of their homes to get business and interact with people. To get recognition, increase efficiency, work better and achieve greater results, the companies would start their usual work and the staff will come out of their homes. The rented workspaces may or may not be there but coworking won’t let you down.

Poor coordination: Yes, all companies pushed their limits well enough to carry out work from home while coordinating over calls and emails but do you think it can go on like this for long? No. There are technical and financial roles that need real-time discussions, coordination and teamwork. You just can’t do these jobs by sitting far from the team because it’s like that only. Accounts team has multiple people together for a reason. There is a lot of tallying and paperwork that is done like this. Also, connecting over calls isn’t easy. We all have experienced call drops, network problems and poor connections while trying to connect via the internet for video or regular calls.

Distractions and personal development: First thing first, one can NOT work from home without getting distracted. Appliances, home chores, babies, loud televisions, music and laziness are all there to divert your attention and keep you off being productive. Believe it or not, your personal growth stops when you are at the same place all the time for everything. Just like you need to go to school to study, you need to go to a dedicated workplace to do the real job. Members in the coworking space in Noida and other places have been a proof of gaining professional insights and improving their work-personality that can’t happen by being in your bed.

Service to the nation: When more people work and earn, they are contributing to the nation’s growth in that way. An earning hand adds to the GDP of the country. The economy is dependent on everyone who is making a living and without coworking, it is going to be difficult because again, the conventional properties are not affordable and accessible to all. To prevent newly started businesses from stopping and ending the hopes of new entrepreneurs, shared office spaces can play a huge role. Giving hopes and space to more ventures and dreamers, flexible offices would contribute way more than what you can expect.

Though it would be debatable if furnished office spaces have any future ahead or not, the practical side highlights how important they are and that they can’t go out of business even when today the clients are not showing up. Definitely after a few more months if there is anything that would have a huge impact in stabilizing the national and individual growth then that would be coworking spaces only.