Why Large Corporate Firms preferring Coworking Spaces in Noida for 2020?

Growing Popularity of Coworking Spaces among Large Corporate Firms and Midsize Enterprises

Coworking as a concept has gradually become a global trend in the last few years as multiple professional works under the same roof. This shared office idea has made huge progress in India in the last few years. New investments have come from various sections as Coworking is looking to further make inroads into the markets. In the early stage of their evolution, coworking has mainly associated with new startups, Millenials, along with small and medium enterprises. But studies are now showing a huge shift as the large corporate firms are looking to proficiently use Coworking spaces all around the globe.

India, a developing country, is among the top nations with a lot of opportunities and growth. Companies around the world are looking to exploit this gap to launch their product and services in this large market. Startups and freelancers were seen as the earlier target for the boom of coworking in India. But with time we are now seeing a major shift as large organizations and midsize enterprises have turned trends in their favor.

Large corporate firms understand the value of time. They often look for quick resolution rather than delaying the whole business process. And coworking spaces with their exclusive features make them the most suitable match as they look to settle in a comfortable environment.

Services, Affordability, and Continuity

Coworking offices today have dedicated desk, cubicles, team rooms, conference rooms, and even offer customized layouts for all individual as well as business needs. Events, exhibitions, and special programs are even organized in these spaces. Most of these offices are open 24×7 and packed with the latest technologies such as print, scan, secure drawers, and other complementaries to help in daily activities. Many new-age entrepreneurs also choose to utilize them as a virtual office and transform their ideas into this real world. 

Modern Coworking offices are ready to use from the first day onwards. So you just need to agree with their establishment and procure the space for high performance from the team itself. This live environment works right in favor of corporates who wants things to start working as soon as possible.

From an investment point of view, rather than buying the place and settling offices in a foreign environment, this can be a huge burden on finances. Whereas with the flexibility of coworking spaces they can take the space whenever and wherever the demand existed. Though in the early phase most of the coworking spaces targeted startups and freelancers to sustain their business. Now this corporate shift is helping them to reap huge benefits. They hire offices for months or years so helping builders to recover their investment.

Dedicated Spaces

Most of the corporate organization simply don\’t believe in remote work or freelancing way of doing things. They will often provide dedicated spaces in offices for their contracted employees to work in a private space and give them the right environment to perform with.

A common trend is to take the space for a limited time and as things move along, prolong this agreement to stay connected with space for the right use. So large businesses will often work with multiple remote professionals and dedicate them spaces at a coworking environment for a specified duration. And with large businesses, this trend continues to be the forefront for large corporates to shelve their investment in newer ventures.

Coworking spaces are also packed with creative recreational spaces to allow professionals to refresh and re-energize them with their hectic work scheduling. Live cafeterias can help them boost their energy levels along with crunch their hunger. Many even introduced Game rooms to let users get enthusiasm back and motivated to work at more optimized levels. Also, the freedom of working at your own time and speed makes these coworking hubs the right choice for the younger generation.

Change in the Market Shift

We are also seeing a major shift in the realty sector. Building developers are developing spaces directly for coworking needs. So they can efficiently use the space for this shareable office concept. Even some hospitality investors such as Roseate Hotels and Resorts have transformed their new venture into the Roseate House located in the Delhi Aero City.

Oyo another major hospitality corporate took a big step by taking over Innov8 for around Rs220 crore in 2019. And the future looks more bright for coworking spaces as globalization is helping businesses to stay connected.

This change has allowed transforming even the empty spaces in the commercial areas into luxury offices. And with corporate involvement, builders can fetch a huge amount of profits from the organizations. And with the Indian economy still flourishing there will be more investment in the future horizon too.

Personalized Treatment

Another aspect that we often overlook is the personalized treatment these coworking offices provide. As a professional enjoying that personal space or the corner desk that enhances your creativity or makes you more productive becomes sort of a habit. Even the office staff knows your discipline, timing, and never disturbs you with unnecessary chitchats. All professionals are highly focussed and looking to perform at their optimum. And you can further see and observe experts from several fields know their methodologies to become future entrepreneurs especially for an individual with ambitions.


Well! We can surely say one thing that coworking has brought a plethora of changes in the global working environment. Offering corporates to exploit newer markets with ease of mixing in a completely new culture.

These coworking offices come bundled with all office features and ready to start from the first day. Thus saving a lot of time with no maintenance or any permanent investment. Being flexible these shareable places are becoming hubs for global conglomerates to combine with local professionals or businesses toward a better future.

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