Coworking Space in Noida is the hot sector, but what’s fuelling the demand for ”cool” offices.

Noida an adjoining city to the national capital Delhi, has become a center of attraction for global businesses. And with millennials now looking to start their venture, Noida has seen a lot of new startups and platforms looking to make their mark in the local and international arena. Coworking a shareable workforce concept has also become quite popular trends. Especially among the rising businesses to help them gain initial market reach with dedicated space, permanent office like features and get connected with like-minded people.

With an emerging economy like India, there is a huge space for improvement for startups and entrepreneurs. New age professionals are looking to transform their idea and build their empire. And these coworking offices act as a platform to help them succeed in a competitive market. These shareable workspaces are located at a premium location, full of exceptional features, and ready to begin your office journey from the first day onwards. 

Here are some interesting Coworking trends shaping the future of the working professionals.

  • More than 50% of professionals using these flexible spaces stay for 5 days a week.
  • There are currently more than 3 million workers enjoying these offices to work remotely.
  • Around less than one-fourth (22%) of employees use these spaces permanently. Showing a huge trend that coworking spaces often act as an alternative to the original workspaces.
  • Freelancers, Employees, and Businesses feel more satisfied (75%) to work in the coworking offices with flexibility, features, and impeccable results. 
  • The use of private meeting rooms (66%), private offices (66%), and other small team collaboration rooms (60%) provide a significant requirement for these flexible workspaces. 
  • There is a large number of presence of recreation rooms (39%), kitchens (58%), and break rooms (67%) in these modern shareable workspaces.

Coworking Office Space 

Power of Freelancers

India is home to the third-largest startup hub and second-largest freelancers workforce in the whole world. (Source) So it was quite natural for the coworking concept to gradually improve in the country. In the beginning, it was slow but has gained a swift rise in the last year to match with easy alternatives for freelancers and businesses with flexibility. 

And with more than 45% of the current millennia generation prefer to work in modern tech offices and deliver optimum performance. They enjoy working in a collaborative environment and hence more suited to the multi-professional environment offered by coworking spaces today. Moreover, with freedom of timing and flexible option, it matches with their modern lifestyle perfectly.

Coworking Suited for large firms

Especially the large firms will prefer to work in these coworking spaces in 2020. In cases, they are looking to expand in new areas and hire professionals from any specific areas these flexible spaces becomes the automatic choices.

Though in the beginning coworking was mainly targeting startups, small and medium businesses but on the larger aspect, large businesses have become their mainstay. As these corporate organizations come with large investments, it was likely that coworking will get the right push in this modern era.

As per a global survey from go globe the effective utilization for coworking spaces will reach around 3.8 million in 2020 and then go on to proceed up to 5.1 million in the year 2022. And large organizations will have around 50% of the share in these offices overall.

Global Connectivity 

Today businesses no longer require the physical presence of a person but his abilities to manage his workload and perform from any part of the world. Simply with a laptop and high-speed internet connection, a professional can do the task, earn at their optimum level, and enjoy working at his freedom as well. 

Particularly for freelancers, these coworking spaces are a perfect match. They can come at their time, work at specific hours, finish the task, pay the amount for using the space, and then enjoy a more stress-free working.

Similarly, Coworking spaces also match the off sourcing concept of modern global businesses. As top-notch organizations look to partner and share their workload, they can easily hire experts or team of freelancers for providing them flexible spaces for completing tasks in deadlines. 

Coworking has helped remote working scenarios remarkably to become a global trend across emerging economies. Several international platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Pay Per hour, etc are there to match the right businesses, with the right skills and right professionals. 


With a thriving atmosphere and built over a networking philosophy, a dominating number of Coworking users (84%) have also found these spaces more motivated and better productive overall. Working under the same roof with top experts from multiple fields also creates a unique opportunity for today’s generation to enjoy the philosophy of best practices, ethics, and craftsmanship for building a successful entrepreneur for the future. 

Coworking spaces are just not making money with renting spaces with individuals or teams, they have also added other revenue generation abilities to grow as a complete business scale model. Membership and Subscriptions are now available for members. Some even have associated local gyms, conferences, catering establishment, event management, technical equipment, and more.


India a developing country with a huge number of startups, entrepreneurs, and growing list of skilled professionals, offers immense potential for coworking growth in the coming future. Moreover, the use of the latest technologies in these offices, ease of remote working, and tools to bring a collaborative environment make Coworking a forefront concept that will shape the future of global connectivity. 

With strong competition in markets, the young generation must be creative in finding new ways to build sustainable growth. They don’t want to waste time in managing offices but believe in delivering results at an outstanding performance. And these Coworking offices space provides them exclusive ready to use platforms to bring their ideas in the market. 

Lets Connect is an NCR based Coworking organization that multiple offices for renting, sharing, events, and a leading candidate for building new horizons for India. We have coworking space in Noida, Greater Noida, & Delhi with further looking to expand more to emerge as a leading organization for sharing spaces.  

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