Work From Home Or Shared Office Space – Which One Will You Choose & Why?

The global pandemic has been very hard on everyone, even businesses. While the ventures have found it very tough to survive and maintain the same operating levels, a lot of them have been shut down. The remote working of employees was new to most of the employers and some of them could not manage that at all and the result was a failure. After a long stretch of difficulties, losses, poor team coordination and unsatisfactory work results, everyone started to adjust to the work from home model. People were allowed to take their daily tasks from wherever they are.

Millions of employees were reported happily working from the comfort of their homes and giving better results. The idea of working from home has been extremely convenient since it saves a lot of travel time and creates a work-life balance that was hardly there in the regular hustle of everyday commute. Everything said, there is still a large percentage of office worker who miss going out to a regular office, meeting people, having break time chats and coordinating offline. An entrepreneur in Noida, for example, is fine working from his apartment but the idea of shared office space in Noida would still attract him more.

Why Is Shared Office Space Better Than Working From Home?

Mental health

Those who are working from home would agree that it starts taking a toll on your mental health in the long run. Working alone from the same place eventually isolates you from the world and you almost forget socializing. When you work alone, you do nothing else.

Cutting off from friends, not going out and not answering calls disconnects you from everyone. The ‘home time’ is no longer relax time as there is office work to be done. Whereas, in a coworking space, you can easily divide between work and break. There will always be somebody around to have a small talk or a long chat with. You meet people and be friends with them. This way, you not just work but also socialize under the same roof.

Efficiency and productivity

Working from the same place can also be very bad for productivity. The same walls won’t inspire but rather dull down your mind. The monotony of everyday routine affects your work speed. You are always bored, lethargic and not really happy with what you do even if it’s your passion. Also, when you’re at home, you’re doing home chores. Doing dishes, cooking, laundry, children and pets can take most of your time.

The television and random noises can also be very distracting. As opposed to it, coworking spaces allow you to completely focus on your work. There is no distraction, no disturbing noise and no other random chore to worry about. Having an office space on rent in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai or wherever you are can prove to advance your efficiency.


Being at home all the time literally cuts you from the outside world, colleagues and even your friends. Not socializing can affect your professional side. The isolation of home makes you forget the need to build connections that can be useful for your business. In a shared office, there are many professionals and businesses around you that you can interact with. Introducing your work to them can also fetch you work opportunities. Having friends in the workplace can be great because they can refer you when there is a chance and may just introduce ideas and opportunities to you from outside.

For the business

Working from a prestigious location can be very advantageous for your brand. A prime work address can impress the customers, investors and even future business partners. The residential address on documents won’t have this charm on the people who are important for your business. Also, there will always be a professional meeting room that you can use for work discussions rather than looking out for coffee shops.

Now that you’re convinced, let’s discuss

How To Choose The Best Coworking Space Or Shared Office Space

The location

As discussed, the office address can have a huge impact on your business. Having an office space in a prime location can have many benefits; your impression on the people being one. Being located around other businesses gives you venture a chance to get noticed too.

The interiors

If you’re very particular about how your workplace should look like then you can go for the one that has the aesthetics, décor, interiors and vibe that you always wanted. The look of the office too has a great role in that “first impression” so be it the one that looks great.

The amenities

The presence of all the necessary services like internet, work desk, cafeteria, printer, meeting room, housekeeping, lockers etc would be great because these would be something you’d use every day.

Cost and plans

Shared offices are chosen because just like the amenities, the cost is also shared by the members. If you’re on a budget, you must check the membership plans and costs before choosing one. One shared office space in Noida, for say, can have differently priced plans compared to the other one so you must check before finalizing.

The community

What really differentiates one coworking from the other is the community. The members of a workspace form a community and every shared office would have a specific set of people working there in the majority. There can be one with the artists, some with technical people and some with work in finance. Whichever matches your interest best should ideally be your choice because then you’ll vibe with other coworkers easily.

Once you’re in it,

How Do You Get Benefit From A Coworking Space?

  • Interact with coworkers. It’s best to know what others are doing and let them know what you do. A small talk every now and then would keep you close to socializing and keep you off isolation.
  • Participating in community events help you gain knowledge from the event that can be very helpful. The team building activities involved are great to polish your skills and of course, you can make the most of the fun time you have.
  • The flexible work timing is great to maintain the balance between your work and life. You can choose to come and go at the time of your choice without having to hurry or stay for longer.
  • There is no need to look for coffee houses or restaurants for important meetings with your clients or partners as you can always use the professional meeting rooms of a shared space.
  • You can have great benefits from the professional connections you form in a coworking space as networking can get you many work opportunities that you could never get otherwise.


It’s very evident that going for a coworking space would benefit you and your business both. It’s practically not the right choice to work remotely in the long run as it can be a matter of mental health too. Yes, working from home is good but being in a cowoking space is great! Looking for shared office space in Noida? Contact Let’s Connect Coworking today or visit us to have a tour of the property. Your coffee is on the house!