How Does Shared Office Space Work?

Coworking spaces are offices that are rented by freelancers, startups and business units that work in a similar fashion as a traditional office while being a source of multiple services and great opportunities. Anyone who may not afford or doesn’t want to invest in a fixed physical space can opt for a shared workspace and start their business in a highly professional yet enthusiastic environment. Designed to build connections with like-minded and maximize productivity, these spaces prove to be a great choice than working from home or at local coffee shops.

These commercially leased offices also known as managed office spaces as named so because they are completely managed by the service provider and the members only have to pay the subscription amount to get started. When you rent or buy a regular office, all the repair work, furnishing, technical settings, internet, cafeteria, water & electricity supply, utility bills and other small things are for you to take care of but with coworking spaces, you can focus better at work.

As much as they are in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, you’ll also find a good shared office space in Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Jaipur, Kochi etc. If these shared spaces make work life so easy and manage everything for the client, are they even affordable for a normal person? Absolutely yes!

While the degree of ease they add to your daily operations, they don’t add much to the “debit” side of your funds. Coworking spaces are very much affordable and introduced to fit well inside the budgets so that even a freelancer can enjoy working from their own “office” rather than feeling the monotony and loneliness at home.

Earlier, there was a huge number of future entrepreneurs who were victim to high prices of real estate that crushed their dreams of starting their own business. They would either continue on the same job or just could not arrange for enough funds through loans/savings.

Even those who could afford a space could hardly get a return on their investment. But today, with coworking offices and their feasible & customized plans, one can get started whenever they want. To begin with, there’s a “one day plan” as well if you wish to have an experience of how the shared culture works or compare working from home with a professional environment on a budget.

How Do These Shared Spaces Work?

The shared office spaces work on the lines of collaboration and cooperation. Professionals from various backgrounds, experiences and industries come and work together in the same place yet independently. You’ll find people interacting with each other during breaks or activity sessions and building business connections. There is always an exchange of opportunities happening in a coworking space. A person with a certain requirement might find a suitable match to approach in the same place and hence both parties benefit.

Not only do you get a work-desk and chair but a lot more. There a high-speed internet connection, management staff, IT experts, housekeeping unit, fax/printer, game/relaxation zone, meeting room, private cabin, virtual office, event space, fully-loaded cafeteria and regularly arranged events and programs for the coworkers for their entertainment and even education.

They are ready to move in. whenever you are ready to get started, you choose a plan, sign the agreement, come with your work stuff and get started the same day. It’s the beauty of managed offices that they don’t waste resources or time. Let’s say you picked a fully furnished office space for rent in Noida and you want to start working there in a day or two, you easily can.

Apart from the operational benefit, another amazing thing to keep in mind is that there is no long- term commitment involved in regards to leasing. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis and thus, no blocked funds. This flexibility has enabled many people to opt for a professional space who never thought they could.

How Do You Find A Coworking Office?

Finding a coworking space is as simple as finding anything on the internet. Once you decide the area/location you wish to go for work at, you simply search for the coworking space providers in that area, approach them for more details, go physically for to check the place and discuss your requirements, once you make up your mind you can pick a plan, sign the agreement and get started.

While this seems a cakewalk (that it almost is), here are a few things to be kept in mind while looking for shared office space in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere you want.

What differentiated a coworking from anther is the community. A community is a set of like-minded people who work at the same place. Some shared spaces have more technical members, some have artists, some have startups, and some are top professionals. You need to check it before signing up so that you can blend in naturally and not feel different in the lot.

One must check the travel modes. It’s great if the office connects well from the metro or bus stops because that how most people commute. Since you and your team would be coming to work every day, you don’t want to waste time and cause inconvenience that could spoil most of your day.

The layout and capacity of the office also helps in making a decision. Some places are large enough while others are comparatively smaller to accommodate members. If you have a team with you, you must go to a big space provider that has a comfortable space for you or a shared space provider that can upscale and downsize as per your requirements.

If you are very particular about your special requirements or amenities at work, you must check with the provider. Some managed office spaces are not big enough to offer parking facilities, sleeping pods etc. If they can arrange the given things for you, don’t give another thought about starting!

The idea of working together is amazing to promote harmony and collaboration at work while saving resources. Exchange of not just ideas but work opportunities can happen nowhere else than a coworking space.