How To Find Professional Office Space For Rent?

Now is the era of the millennial generation and Gen Z that work to build their own brand rather than working for one. You’ll find many new dot coms going live selling you products and services you never thought you’d buy online. The new ventures and freelance services by professionals working from home start very well but do they manage to be the same in the long run? Maybe not.

Working from home is the first and best choice with those with cash crunch and newbies but as your business and team grows, you probably need a proper workspace. A functional office is more than just a requirement. Talking of workplaces, coworking spaces are taking the world by storm. You’ll find shared office space in Noida, Gurugram, Delhi and every city in the country.

Coworking offices are preferred across industries, businesses and professionals. Of the many benefits they offer, the biggest one is the cost effectiveness. Conventional offices, though mainly being a thing of the past, are still chosen by many. Traditional spaces are not just overly expensive but don’t offer anything else than a property (bought or rented).

Since the property prices are sky rocketing, a huge chunk of ventures stay a dream. Even if rented, they have nothing to offer, not even maintenance. You just get a space to furnish, decorate and maintain. With a plethora of offices in the market and leasing options, you just need to make the right choice. Also, going by the trend and functional aspects, renting a coworking space is just the best thing.

Though picking a shard workspace is an amazing choice, there are certain points to be kept in mind while signing the agreement. Here is how we find office space on rent in Noida and other places.

5 Best Ways To Find Professional Office Space For Rent

Figure Out Your Office Space Needs

Having the exact idea of what your company needs in the commercial space is the first step towards making a selection. The nearby amenities, the road/metro connectivity, number of employees, parking area, other businesses around etc are to be kept in mind. There would be the following categories of properties to look for:

The newly constructed/ renovated– Since they are freshly constructed or renovated, they’ll have the modern touch (trend of the decade), are the most desirable and would naturally charge the highest.

A bit older ones- Office spaces that are not so old but need a little touch up here and there to make them look up to date and vibe with the new generation can also be picked as there’s a scope to renovate.

Typically older- Some properties are so old, even renovation won’t help. The only good thing about them is that they’ll be cheaper in comparison.

Go to the place, take a tour, study the property, assess the budget and then make a decision. Another major thing to decide from is that whether you should go for a traditional or coworking space. Ever since the pandemic, shared spaces are increasingly becoming the choice of businesses and professionals looking for flexi-space.

There is uncertainty about working offline and in such a dynamic situation, flexible space is the best thing to go for. The conventional spaces bind the client into long lock-ins thereby bagging a huge security deposit which is not the case in a coworking that lets you pay the fee monthly and don’t increase their prices.

Allowing upscaling and downscaling, simplifying rent fees, offering flexible membership and providing an amazing place to work, a shared office space in Noida is an answer to your prayers.

Have A Budget Estimate

Get the rent estimate of the locations you are considering. Knowing the per-foot cost enables you to compare properties across locations. This way you can multiply how much area you would need per employee so you have ample working space keeping the team size in mind.

Since the pandemic required social distancing, you must add some extra space for the same. Also, don’t forget to plan the budget for utility bills, daily pantry expenses and occasional repairs/fixtures. If you go for a conventional space, all the costs would be borne by you but choosing a coworking space on rent in Noida can save you all that money and hassle.

Not Just Any Office; Commercial Space

You got to do some work and find out the listed and trusted brokers and properties. A simple Google search might not suffice and you might have to go the extra mile. A trusted broker can help you narrow down your option basis your requirement (company size, budget & type of work).

Considering a coworking space will be a great option since they save you the stress of curation, adjustment and maintenance. You can customize the space as per your team size whenever you want. If you know what you want and have a favoured location, search for shared space in that area.

Physical Inspection Of The Property

Once you have shortlisted a few properties, it’s time to go and check them physically one by one. Schedule a tour with the agent to know about the building’s history, check the construction quality, and other features. Make note of the general condition of the property and the surrounding area because that would make a lasting impact on your visitors.

How well do the roads connect, what will be the electricity supply and neighbouring facilities, is it easy to locate are some questions to ponder on. Good shared office space in Noida would tick all the boxes in your checklist compared to hiring a traditional property.

The Lease Agreement

Handling a lease agreement can be tricky and better be done in the presence of a reliable broker. The costing, the leasing and negotiation is very important process for both the tenant and the landlord. Some leases transfer all the amount on the tenant while some divides. A shared office asks only for a monthly fee and in return, you just plug in your desktop and start working. Every other bill and maintenance will be taken care of by the space provider. ​

Choose Let’s Connect India To Find Professional Office Space For Rent

The global pandemic has made it the need of the hour to cut the costs wherever possible and focus only on productive areas. Coworking spaces have proven to be the right thing in this regard considering the attached advantages, for every kind of setup and scale of business, shared spaces are an excellent choice. Any business owner would love if they could focus mainly on the work and not the upkeep of the workspace.

If you’re someone who is looking for professional office space on rent in Noida, get in touch with Let’s Connect Coworking. We have years of experience in client handling and satisfaction. Having served hundreds of clients across industries, our clients get all the needed facilities under the same roof.

Our offices have state of the art infrastructure, modern interiors, fancy décor, organized premises and support staff make it the perfect place to work at. Noida is one of the best business hubs in the country and having your office in this location open door to a lot of business opportunities. Not just startups, new businesses but also multinationals have their units set up there.

Whether you are a new venture searching for a commercial space or an established company looking to expand into new markets, we offer you multiple leave plans and simple agreements on flexible terms. You can get your workspace and plans customized to your demand. The fast changing and dynamic environment call for a dynamic work atmosphere and we promise you one!

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