Why Are Larger Companies Now Opting For Coworking Spaces In Noida

Spreading across the globe like a wildfire, coworking spaces originate from a very humble background mainly serving freelancers and small businesses involving less margins but a lot of amenities. While many people still confused shared spaces with an option only for those who are tight on budget and can work in a noisy and casual environment.

At most, the managed office spaces are considered a playground for the new-age startups who are not really serious about their growth but the truth is that these shared workspaces are constructed in a way that they play a great role in maximizing your productivity. Being a hub of startups, freelancers and small business is “partially” true. The fact is, it’s a place for anyone who wishes to work in a happy place! There are coworking spaces in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and even in the tier 2 cities of the country.

There are around 300 shared space offices in the country and most of them are constructed in an elegant yet effortless wat. Yes, the oomph and lux factor is missing in the majority of these offices but there are some really impressive workspaces that maintain enough standards to attract a large client. There are office spaces that have the potential to bag multinational units and business giants for the kind of services they offer and the hospitality they bring to the table.

The MNCs in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities are preferring to work out of a coworking space because they are cost effective and hassle free. These huge companies always maintain their standards whether it’s in their services or their workplace. Not just they aim to provide the best to their customers but also to their employees. They focus a lot on maintaining a benchmark that could set them from a regular business.

Because they would never compromise on the quality, they choose only the best fully- furnished office for their teams to operate from. They have enough money to buy or build a building matching their paradigm but who doesn’t wish to save that money? Given the class they are looking for, saving a huge amount of money and a big portion of time in managing one’s own space, they have started to go for the shared workspaces.

Business hubs have top class office spaces that match the criterion of the MNCs and other large corporations. There is a reason the coworking spaces in Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi are the best because these are all biggest business hubs in the country.

The demand for the coworking spaces today is ever increasing. There would be no surprise if the traditional spaces are soon going to be a thing of yesterday. There are many real estate professionals who are now converting their conventional office spaces into state of the art cowokring spaces with all the required amenities that would fetch their empty properties some clients. The idea that was initially seen with a sceptical eye is now adapted like it’s the greatest invention for the working world.

When a company wants to establish another branch in a new city, they always start with a lesser team count. No matter how small or big the company is, no new office is set up with a lot of people at once. When the head count is less, buying or renting an office space doesn’t make any sense but what sounds perfect is hiring a managed office and enjoying their services while saving a lot of cost. You must have seen companies mentioning multiple locations across the country or even globe as their various offices that are regionally spread. Every company wants to expand but not shell out a great deal of money.

The shared office spaces lets one easily expand their business across locations. You can get your team members to sit in a comfortable and equipped environment where they focus on their work and everything else is taken care of by the space provider. Your coworking space in Noida, for instance can be expected to have other business centres in different cities that might be your next potential location and this sounds more sorted than anything else.

7 Reasons Why Larger Companies Are Now Interested In Opting For A Coworking Space As Their Workplace

Easy expansion

Want to expand your business in multiple cities? Ditch those offices on rent or looking for a conventional space when shared workspaces have got you covered. It’s becoming very convenient for the large business establishments to start a new branch in the city of their choice because fortunately, coworking spaces are everywhere today providing a range of services to their members who can’t space a lot of time managing the office and other little workplace tasks but rather wish to concentrate only on the main work.

When you have a new team of just a few people, say 5-6, renting a place and spending a lot on the maintenance and putting time in the arrangements doesn’t make any sense but hiring a shared office does.

Happier employees

In a workplace that is shared by people and businesses of diverse backgrounds, where the interiors are mind blowing, the facilities are supportive and the vibe at work is so refreshing, the staff is usually happier than in the regular office space. People have accepted enjoying working in a shared office space more than a regular office. The regular events arranged for the members of the managed office space are known to lift up the moods of the coworkers and hence, they are always excited and look forward to a new day at work.

Comfortable for remote employees

Having office in a particular city means you can either hire the talent from that particular location or the one who is willing to relocate. This acts as a road block between hiring the right person. Having multiple offices means you can now hire people from whichever location you are present and they can take up their job from the office in that location. Also, if your team sits in some coworking space in Noida, for instance, you can have them working for you even if your head office is in Chennai.

Networking and connections

When there are different companies and expert freelancers available in the same work place, they tend to connect. The ones with same interests or expert areas immediately vibe up and this is how connections are formed. Making business connections and expanding your network is another amazing thing about managed office spaces.

Unlike a regular office where people from only the same company sit and work, you have all the opportunities in the world in a coworking space to build your personal network of talented professionals. There are always chances that one benefits from the other. A freelancer usually bags a project, a digital company gets another client and the companies get their work done within the same premises without having to hire from outside.

Access to all the support facilities

What all do you need to keep working smoothly? Proper workstation, high-speed internet connection, air-conditioner, printer & scanner, housekeeping staff, tea/coffee supply, electricity and a non-distracting work environment. Good news is that you’re all covered. The coworking spaces in Noida and other places provide you with all the mentioned services and even more. Work in a shared office space once and there would be no turning back. Experts have assured the productivity you get in coworking can’t happen anywhere. Unlike managed office spaces, the conventional offices will never provide you even with half of these amenities.

Community of like-minded individuals

Like we discussed about the networking and business connections, those people together form a community. A community is a group of people with shared interests. This is very common in a shared workspace to be part of a community and in fact, it’s only the community that distinguishes one from the other. Basis the interest and expert level of the community are most of the events organized that can benefit them in some way. For instance, new taxing guidelines for the CA/ finance community. Also, these people share ideas, feedback, projects, prospects and business references with each other. They don’t just work together but thrive together too.

Choice of the millennial generation

On a closing note, this can’t be denied that the new negation (Gen-Z) has moved over the regular boring 9 to 5 offices with a dull vibe, they want to innovate, explore and interact and there is no other place better than a shared workspace for them. Mostly, it’s the choice of the millennial generation that coworking spaces are becoming so popular. You can’t be happy and productive in a place you don’t enjoy working in, after all. State of the art infrastructure, flexibility, inspiring walls, more people to talk to and an enthusiastic vibe is more of their thing.

The shared office spaces are known to evolve as per their clients’ needs and this is why they are preferred over any other traditional property. A dynamic and managed office space provider is any day a better idea than renting up a space and taking up all the responsibilities on your own.