Why You Should Work From A Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are shared workspaces where people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, professions and industries work together yet on their independent projects. A coworking space, also known as a flexible office, shared office and managed workspace and rentable office space is the modern age workplace that supports not just freelancers and small scale entrepreneurs but is also a choice of multinational units and big enterprises for their workforce rather than setting them at a traditional office space. These managed spaces have been sprouting up all over the globe for the benefits and services they offer.

If you are new to this amazing concept, allow us to explain to you why is coworking the new (and best) way to work!

7 Major Reasons Why You Should Work From A Coworking Space

Amazing perks along with professional workspace

Let’s say you are in a coworking space in Noida, you get much beyond a work desk and a chair. Right from the moment you step inside with your laptop, you get high-speed internet that is completely taken care of by the IT staff. There is a cafeteria for your all-day tea/coffee needs, the housekeeping staff is always on their toes, the front desk people will help you as required and customizable plans are the cherry on the top. A meeting room, hot/dedicated desk, private cabins, event space and virtual office; all options are available to pick the best one according to your business needs.

More Job Control & Flexibility

Feeling done with the regular job and office timings? Since these flexible workspaces give you all the flexibility in terms of time and plans, you get to decide on your working hours. Be your own boss, literally, with these flexible offices. Don’t rush if you’re not a morning person. Stay up till late evening when your most productive self comes to play. Leave that mainstream 9 to 6 and daily reporting & take charge of your career.

Networking Opportunities

An amazing benefit of choosing a rentable office space is the networking opportunities that come along. Every shared office has a community consisting of members hailing from different industries, experiences and spheres of the professional world. One can always inspire and get inspired by the other. You form business connections and professional relations with people working around you. They can be your immediate test market, you genuine feedback and the best source of ideas you can put to use.

Central Location for Clients

A new business generally starts from home and the meeting point for the clients is either nearby coffee shops or local restaurants. Being a member of a coworking space in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or anywhere else means having a fixed place to work and have people for important discussions. Not just they give you a beautiful and modern space but also impress anyone who walks inside the office be it a candidate for a job or a potential client. You no longer have to search for a café around when you can call everyone at the same place.

Increase in Productivity and efficiency

Studies show that monotony and dull workplaces often lead to a decrease in productivity. You’re at your most productive self when you are working at a place you love. Shared office space is not just a regular office with boring walls and furniture but a workplace with beautiful décor, state of the art infrastructure, modern interiors, enthusiastic vibe and the entire place smelling with fresh brewed coffee. These places increase your efficiency because they make you want to go to work every day and when you’re happy at your place of work, you’re the most efficient.

Cost-Efficient and within your means

Unlike the traditional offices with sky-rocketing rates and high maintenance costs, the coworking spaces are fit for every pocket. Gone are the days when people had to stick to their jobs or carry their business from home for they couldn’t afford a workplace. With the entry of the flexible offices industry, not everyone can have their professional space, even a single freelancer.

Startups enjoy the impressive interiors, freelancers can work alongside other people and big enterprises don’t have to invest in pricy properties when they can have their staff seated in a shared office. What’s more? Since they are managed spaces, all the repairs, maintenance and fitting is on the management and not the members. Also, you pay only for the plans you choose, you need not worry about the long lock-in periods or submit a huge amount as security.

Learn something new every day

Unlike the regular offices where you have a set of KRAs to complete and focus only on your work, in a coworking space, you get to learn a lot from each other. Yes, everyone works different but together and this is why the degree of inspiration is high.

When you see your coworking achieving their goals or people getting happy for completing a target, you get motivated to do better. There will be coworkers who will help you look at concepts in a different way, help you look for better ideas and teach you things you never knew. In shared places, members thrive together!

Working in a flexible office space is not only about working outside your home or having your own business, it’s a lot more that offers way more than you can imagine. Don’t give it a second thought. Start now!