How Startups Benefits From Flexible Office Spaces For Rent

The conventional offices with dull walls, cubicles and boring vibes are a thing of the past. They seem to be fading away because the millennial generation looks for more than just a workspace to spend their productive hours at. The startups that are sprouting every day have innovation and enthusiasm in their core and that would totally die between the lifeless and tiresome walls. The energy of young minds can never show expected results if not channelled the right way. This is one of the reasons the 9 to 5 jobs are least preferred today.

When the fresh graduates look forward to working in those shiny and elegant offices dreaming of giving presentations while styling in formal wear, they don’t want the same after a year or two. Most of the time, choices change once we see that what we wished for is nothing that brings out the best in us. If a company has its own office it might be sophisticated and tasteful but an office space for rent would always be better.

Now, when we talk about the rented office space, it’s not the traditional but the shared office spaces. Shared office spaces, popularly known as coworking spaces, have changed the professional game ever since they were introduced to the markets. These dynamic workspaces have given a new dimension to how one can work. “Being your own boss” has become easier and feasible now than ever.

Starting your own venture was quite a task and a money ending game while the traditional spaces were ruling. They are known to take out a major chunk of your savings or even make you go for loans just to afford an office space. Unlike the traditional offices, the coworking spaces are affordable, have variable membership plans and in access to a common person with a lower budget.

Even if we describe a regular coworking space, it comes with state of the art infrastructure, modern décor, inspiring walls, support services & staff and diverse group of people working together yet independently. Considering an office space for rent, there is no better option than a managed workspace that lets you focus on your important tasks while the space providers are responsible for managing and maintaining the office.

Moving in the office of your dreams and working on your dream project/business was never so feasible and affordable. Thanks to the concept of coworking spaces. Apart from being budget friendly, they also help in improving efficiency and happiness at work.

There are actually a bunch of reasons how startups, freelancers and other small businesses are benefiting from the shared office spaces. Let’s discuss them one by one in detail:

5 Ways How Startups Benefits From Flexible Office Spaces

No drainage of funds

Coming back to the most important factor that attracts the smaller ventures is that they have to pay way less compared to what they would have paid in renting conventional office space. When you sign contracts with traditional space providers, you are expected to sign multiple years’ contracts with them. This traps you in paying even for the time you don’t wish to continue simply because you signed up for it. This is not the case with managed offices spaces though.

You can choose from a one day to one year plan and there is no obligation to get into long-term contracts and drain your savings when you don’t want to. Sometimes, businesses can just not manage to proceed in the long run but since they are bound to pay the lease, they lose money. Also, there are no hidden charges in the documents of a shared space like conventional offices hence, they are safer.

All professional services under the same roof

A regular workplace would get you into a longer contract, extract a huge amount from you and yet won’t give you any other thing except an office space for rent. They care a lot about their members’ growth and success and hence provide them with professional services like reception, It support, high speed internet, unlimited tea/coffee, parking, printer, housekeeping, community events and everything that could help the clients in their operations.

You get to work in a managed office where the interiors are attractive, infrastructure is impressive and there’s everything that you can require to give your business a professional image. Irrespective of the size of the business, every client enjoys the same level of services. You save so much of your money, time and efforts that you end up using them on the more important side.

Increased productivity and better results

If you’re planning to give your brainchild a professional execution, you can always start by working from home. You can carry our work from you home but this can’t be a very good idea in the long run. The drawbacks start to reflect when you realize that you can’t focus on your work anymore because of the distractions and non-professional environment at home.

You are always in your pajamas, you don’t meet people, your social life comes to a halt, you are not forming any business connections, you don’t have anyone to share your burdens or victories and this becomes really upsetting. Moving to a coworking place can be both refreshing and exciting because all that you have been missing at home is now around you. You love working and when you’re happy, you’re the most productive and yield better results.

Connections and networking

With the kind of diverse professional backgrounds the members come from, it brings a lot of good opportunities on the front to connect with people with shared interests. When you find coworkers who share the same expertise, knowledge and keenness as you, you tend to bond more and better. These connections go a long way. It also brings the chances of sharing work opportunities.

There are instances that a freelancer might grab a project from the startup, two ventures come together for something big, an employee of one venture might get hired by the other and similar opportunities that bring various occasions where there are prospects for everyone to grow. A coworking space is much more than an office space for rent. It’s a place where people do business networking and form professional connections that would benefit each other in some way that it’s a win-win.

Happy teams and higher morale

It is reported and believed that people working from a managed office space are usually happier and more productive. The regular events, fun activities, energetic vibe and positive atmosphere makes the workplace interesting for those who come here every day. It is said that when you are happy to come to your place of work, you are more productive.

Employees who don’t like the atmosphere of their workplace tend to show disappointing results and have lower efficiency levels. It’s always the vibe of a place that makes it favourable or not. A modern, interesting and vibrant office is always more appealing to the coworkers than a dull, boring and conventional space. The fun activities are known to bring teams together and act like a break from the stress at work.

Startups are always on their learning stage and they can’t afford to spend a lot. Anything going beyond their budget can make them drop the idea of going ahead with their brainchild. This has happened a lot in the reign of conventional office spaces that were neither productive nor affordable. Earlier, an office space for rent would only mean a property that you pay for and then set things up on yourself. In short, with the office premises keys you get no other support, no services, no customer benefits and no other amenity at all. Just a workspace and a long contract tying you up for years.

Getting all the furniture and equipment, getting the fittings and installation done and managing other things like Wi-Fi, coffee machine, utility bills, repair works etc would just add to the hassle and not the convenience for the tenant. While renting the space was one savings draining task, this used to add to another round of burden on the lessee. The big business houses could afford all of this for they had their budgets to pay huge rents, get into longer contracts, install the furniture, get the décor done and maintain the premises for they could afford the staff to manage it but was a nightmare for a common person with tight budgets and simple teams.

Flexible office spaces have been a saviour to all the freelancers, startups and small businesses that needed a professional working space within their means to grow ahead in their careers. Today, small businesses are adding to more employment opportunities and the growth of our economy as a whole. Coworking spaces have always been backing the dreamers and doers with a list of membership plans from which they can choose the most suitable ones for themselves, pay the membership fee, move in and get started without having to worry for anything else.

If you are looking to give your business idea the execution it deserves, then search for the nearest coworking spaces around you, take a tour, choose the one you like the best and enrol yourself to get started. Good luck!