Are Coworking Spaces Good for Networking?

Coworking spaces are more than just workspaces with a membership plan for all. You don\’t just work in a shared office, you grow. You get an opportunity to interact, connect and network with experienced professionals. A coworking space is great for business networking and sharing opportunities. All those people around you add value to the networking by bringing their expertise to the table. Regardless of the nature of your work and the business you are doing, there is nothing more important than networking.

From a freelancer to a big business owner, everyone needs professional connections for various purposes to get their business out there. One needs to spend as much time building connections as working to be thriving. Shared workspaces have a community of like-minded people who help in creating an engaging and inspirational work environment. Knowing people from different areas of work and having a bond with them can help you in the long run. They can be the first ones to advice, suggest, help and support you in need.

Networking at coworking spaces can be done just by going to the office. It\’s that simple! You catch up with people while having tea/coffee, you interact with someone you bumped in by the water cooler, you become friends with the one sitting next to you and just like this, you get endless opportunities in a shared space. Once you are inside a coworking space, you will have dozens of experienced people around with whom you can have meaningful connections. Networking with those who have been brought up, taught and worked differently is a very refreshing experience. It gives you the chance to broaden your mind and be open to new and better things.

The atmosphere of coworking space

Right above we discussed how you just need to show up to do networking in a shared workspace. But how is it like that? How do coworking spaces differ from a conventional office? All the questions get answered the moment you step inside a flexible workspace. The first thing you notice about the place is the vibe. The positivity and enthusiasm in the environment are good enough to push you out of your best every day. People from different experiences and businesses work together. Everyone has their privacy. The extroverts will always have somebody to interact with and the introverts will not be disturbed. There will always be somebody getting inspired and somebody inspiring. The absence of strict walls and cubicles makes everyone more approachable.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

  • Affordability: Coworking spaces are known to save costs with their flexible membership plans suiting a single person to a large team.
  • Work-life balance: The flexibility of working time offered by shared offices make it easier for the members to balance their work and social life.
  • Increased productivity: The people working in shared offices are generally happier since they work alongside interesting and cooperative individuals. A happy person will always work more efficiently.
  • Bouquet of services: Meeting rooms, open area, private cabins, event space, cafeteria, housekeeping, virtual office and every other support service is under the same roof.
  • Networking opportunities: Networking at coworking spaces is the most interesting part of being there since it benefits one and all. There will always be somebody by your side in need.
  • Events and gathering at coworking space: Another very exciting thing about coworking spaces is that they occasionally arrange programs, events and fun sessions for their members. Since they have a community to take care of, they keep in mind the likes of the members, what can help them (knowledge events) and what do they enjoy (fun events) to prepare for them. Community events are a great place where members can have small talk and can socialize. People from different walks of life participate in games, team building exercises and form business relationships.

How to network at coworking spaces?

  • Have your lunch where everyone eats instead of eating on your work desk. Lunch time is the best time to meet your coworkers and connect with them. Food brings people closer and you never know if a quick chat can turn into an interesting collaboration.
  • Break the ice, take the first step. Starting a conversation with somebody is the easiest way of connecting with them. All you have to do is start with a simple “hello”. Asking questions about their profession, showing interest in their work or any small talk will do the trick.
  • Attend and host events. Attending events in a coworking space would make them happy for taking out time and coming. You get registered in their minds for being there. Similarly, hosting in a shared space would draw people to your event thereby, interacting.
  • Suggest a work trade or share information. If at all you find somebody you can collaborate with, go ahead and discuss. For instance, you need a designer and one is sitting next to you. Share knowledge with people if you have on the subject. This brightens your chances of further interaction and coffee catch-ups.
  • How sharing knowledge and creating impacts helps in good networking: One doesn’t know everything but everyone knows something. The sharing of knowledge, experience, ideas and suggestions bring people closer. The other person can help you see things from their perspective and help you widen your thought horizons. The most connected groups are most successful as they’re versed with the latest trends of the industry. A professional will always be interested in bonding with another expert from who one can source more knowledge on the subject matter or related work.
  • How networking helps: An active networking can prove to be very helpful for one’s career. Since it involves helping the other, it strengthens relationships. People can be an amazing source of new and fresh ideas as each brain has something to offer. The exchange of information can be very useful. Being part of groups and events makes you more reputed and visible. More people start to observe and know you which is very important for your career. Your connections often bring to you some work opportunities that would otherwise never be in your reach. You can seek the best of advice and support from industry experts while networking at coworking spaces.
  • How business networking helps in getting good future aspects: Networking is a great way of bagging new possibilities and achieve career goals. Expanding a contact list can open doors to new partnerships, work opportunities and personal development. By frequently putting yourself out there, you make people interested in you and advance your social skills. The confidence you gain and carry while interacting with people and exchanging information in an event helps in leaving a lasting impression on others. Whether it’s a job offering or a business prospect, networking brightens all the chances.

Unlike working remotely from a coffee shop or another public place, coworking spaces provide you with a professional space where you can connect with like-minded individuals with whom you can share information, have a fruitful discussion and exchange ideas. You gain the confidence of speaking to people and the knowledge you never had. For those who know how to make the best of it, a coworking space can be very helpful in building a career and personal development.

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